Welcome to Mimatom

Micromagnetic Tomography, MMT or Mimatom, is a new paleomagnetic and rock-magnetic technique that is currently under development. With MMT we aim to determine magnetic moments of individual grains inside sample material in a non-destructive way. Ultimately, this will enable selecting and interpreting magnetic information only from grains that have good recording properties.



The development of an entirely new technique brings with it an array of new concepts, ideas and parameters. Here we maintain a designated Wiki section to document the most prominent new terms and make definitions easy to find. 

MMT group picture. From left to right: top row: Claire Nichols (visitor), Wyn Williams (visitor), Karl Fabian, Bertwin de Groot, Lennart de Groot. Bottom row: Michael Volk, Frenk Out, Martha Kosters, Rosa de Boer. David Cortés-Ortuño is missing in this photo


MMT is developed by a team of eight people at different stages in their academic career. Most of the team members are based at paleomagnetic laboratory Fort Hoofddijk at Utrecht University in The Netherlands, with a strong collaboration with the Norwegian University of Science and Technology in Trondheim, Norway.