This dataset contains the magnetic surface scans and the spatial information of the experiments presented in de Groot et al., 2021. The spatial information of the iron-oxides in the synthetic sample is equal to the data used in de Groot et al., 2018, but here it is included in the coordinate system matching the MTJ and QDM scans.

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There are six datasets in this contribution, all presented in the manuscript ‘Micromagnetic Tomography for paleomagnetism and rock-magnetism’. The first dataset was measured with a Magnetic Tunneling Junction (MTJ) scanner using a synthetic sample after a pulsed magnetization of 1 Tesla was applied perpendicular to the surface of the sample (file names: mtj_synth_XXX). The second dataset was measured on a Quantum Diamond Microscope (QDM) using the same synthetic sample with a pulsed magnetization of 1 Tesla perpendicular to its surface (file names: qdm_synth_XXX). The four other datasets are regions on a volcanic sample that was not treated magnetically and measured with a QDM (file names: qdm_volc_areaY_XXX). For each of these datasets the following files are available: XXX_cuboids.txt contains a list of grains defined by groups of cuboids. xi, eta, and zeta define the midpoint of each cuboid that has sides 2a, 2b, and 2c, in the x, y, and z direction respectively, all dimensions are given in micrometers; the last column specifies the grain to which the cuboid belongs (particle index). XXX_BzUpGrid.txt contains the results of the magnetic surface scan of the sample in Tesla, with increasing x-coordinates in the horizontal direction, and increasing y coordinates in the vertical direction. The step size for the data-sets are as follows (all in micrometer and in both directions): mtj_synth 10 micrometer; qdm_synth 6.0 micrometer; qdm_volc 1.2 micrometer. XXX_magnetizations.txt contains the results of the magnetic inversions, i.e. the magnetizations per grain in A/m. The first column is the particle index, then the magnetizations in the x (mx), y (my), and z (mz) directions.